Our Mission

At Hunter Worley, our mission is Through the grace of God to help families who have suffered the loss of a child by offering spiritual and financial support so they may begin to gain the strength to walk through the darkness and experience the love, joy and hope of life again.

Founding Members

Roger Alan Wade, Gary Anderson, & Danny Shirley

Board of Directors

Cody McCarver, Danny Shirley, Roger Alan Wade, Gary Anderson, Matt and Jenny Hullande,r Jeff and Jane Fontana, Rick and Jennifer Worley, Johnny Wiggins, Alvin and Pat Worley, Mike and Gayle Worley, Bill McCalli,e Doyle and Linda Sutton, & Emmerson Russell

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much money is used for administrative cost?
A: Nothing. Every penny donated goes to help families that loose a child.

Q: How can I help?
A: Thanks! We can use help at all our events. Please visit the "Contact" page and send us an email - we'll be in touch.

Q: I've lost a child or know someone who has that could use help. What do I do?
A: First, we are sorry and hope to be of help to you. Second, please visit the "Contact" page and send us an email - you'll hear form someone right away.

Q: What locations do you serve?
A: Our foundation helps families in Chattanooga and the surrounding tri-state areas.

Contact Us

For More Information on Receiving Help or Volunteering

Email Gary: gmanderson@comcast.net
For Immediate Assistance: Gary Anderson: (423) 313-2271

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